Minor imperfections in appearance of the teeth can be effectively addressed with an application of dental veneers. Patients who experience extensive staining or minor inter-proximal (situated or used in the areas between adjoining teeth) gaps, especially benefit from this technique. Veneers also effectively conceal unsightly discolorations caused by genetic disorders or side effects of medication.

Each veneer is fabricated from a porcelain resin and placed over the facial surface of the tooth. Only the anterior (frontal) region of the dentition can be treated with veneers, as this type of restoration is not meant to withstand the chewing force of the posterior (back) dentition. Most of the tooth structure remains intact, with only a slight layer of the tooth being removed to accommodate the veneer. With proper care, veneers last for many years and greatly improve the appearance of one’s smile, additional cosmetic dentistry treatments include dental implants.