Teeth Whitening

For patients who wish to improve the color of their teeth and enhance their smile, we are pleased to offer several attractive options.

It is important to understand that patients who are most likely to benefit from whitening treatment exhibit only mild staining or discoloration. Severe cases of permanent tarnish, because of trauma or genetic predispositions, typically cannot be corrected with whitening systems alone.

The most reliable venue method for choosing the best bleaching regimen is to consult with a dentist who is familiar with all aspects of the various available whitening procedures and who can then match the preferred method with your unique situation.

Many options are currently available, but the most effective ones are performed in the dental office where the results can be immediate and monitored by trained personnel.

Before any bleaching treatment can be implemented, the patient’s oral and nutritional habits are reviewed, along with any medical conditions and drug intake.

Chair Side Teeth Whitening

This method of smile improvement is most effective, provides quick results, and is painless. The procedure can usually be completed in just one visit. The patient may be required to continue therapy at home with the prescribed solutions and custom-made trays until the desired results are achieved. The process is best monitored by dental visits, permitting the Team to chart your improvement. Before and after photos may be taken to record the patient’s progress.

Home Bleaching Tray Systems

For patients who cannot visit us regularly because of their busy schedules or owing to other limitations, we offer home-based teeth whitening formulas to be used on a daily basis. The initial visit will consist of taking the impressions of the teeth and fabrication of acrylic trays to ensure a perfect fit. We provide a specific bleaching solution at which time we educate you about the whitening regimen to ensure maximum results. Improvement may be occur within three days, but should be expected within no more than 14 days.

Over-the-Counter Options

Although widely advertised, these options do not provide immediate results. Over-the-counter products are affordable, but the bleaching formulas are less potent, and the results may not be noticeable for many weeks, especially for patients who smoke, or drink coffee or tea.

One available product is a paint-on formula that may remove mild stains. The solution requires several applications throughout the day and may not be the best choice for individuals with busy schedules.

Whitening strips are another alternative. The strips are saturated with hydrogen peroxide-based solutions and applied to the facial and lingual surfaces of the teeth at least twice a day. The strips do not penetrate any inter proximal contacts, which may lead to non-uniform whitening of tooth surfaces. Therefore, the result may not be satisfactory.

Toothpastes and mouthwashes with whitening properties are the least expensive methods of smile enhancement. These products contain gentle abrasives aimed at stain removal. Continuous use is recommended to sustain the whitening effects. Most toothpastes and mouthwashes do not improve the color of the teeth, but they can remove mild stains acquired by drinking wine, smoking, intake of spicy foods, and other oral habits.

If you would like to learn more about Coopersville teeth whitening, please contact our practice to schedule a reservation. For more permanent results some patients choose veneers but we can advise on the best options for your smile enhancement during your appointment.