The pits and fissures of the teeth are generally hard to reach while brushing, and may harbor harmful bacteria, leading to dental caries. Sealing these areas with proper materials avoids the cavity formation and alleviates the need for fillings, root canals or extractions.

Sealant treatment offers one of the most effective methods to prevent decay.

Non-invasive and easy to tolerate, sealants are appropriate for patients of all ages, but mostly for children or young adults.

Sealants are placed with the use of an etchant to prepare the area and remove any existing bacteria. The material is then placed over the area and hardened with a curing light to ensure proper adherence to the etched enamel. Primary or “baby” teeth are not typically treated with this method as the technique was developed to protect permanent teeth from premature decay or extraction. Its aim is to help ensure patients retain their teeth for life.

Sealants are also an effective complement to brushing and maintaining good oral health. The smooth surfaces created by sealants help prevent plaque accumulation and enhance positive oral flora free of debris and microbial deposits.