Office Visits

Your First Visit

Preventive care continues to be one of the most vital components of any successful dental treatment, as well as the best way to manage costs.

Unless they are seeing us for an emergency, we begin our relationship with new patients with a comprehensive oral exam performed by Dr. Roberts including x-rays, detailed health history, and a confirmation of the new patient’s expectations for of care. During our first meeting, expect us to listen more than we talk.

The initial visit is followed by a reservation with the hygienist for a prophylactic cleaning. Depending upon such factors as the patient’s age, oral condition, and wishes, sealants and fluoride treatment, as well as deep scaling and root planning may be performed to help restore healthy teeth and gums. Nutritional counseling is, upon request, included as part of the initial reservation.

Our goal is to maintain a great relationship with our patients by providing exceptional dental services along with the most effective treatment modalities. During the initial exam, the patient’s oral conditions are thoroughly inspected to establish a base against which to measure progress. Any oral issues are diagnosed, documented, and shared with the patient. All patients are educated concerning at home care and the advised frequency of dental visits.

Subsequent dental visits are aimed at maintaining our patients’ good oral health. We typically encourage our patients to make their reservation at 6-month intervals to regularly monitor their oral health status, and address any issues before they become extensive (and expensive) to correct. Conditions, such as bruxism (tooth grinding) or xerostomia (dry mouth), can be easily resolved by our dedicated dentist and Team, which includes the patient.

Existing restorations, such as fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures, are fully examined for their functionality and aesthetics. Any suggestions for improvement are presented to the patient along with the full scope of treatment involved before commencing treatment. See our office hours and map.