Oral Health Habits Survey

Delta Dental released a survey on September 23rd indicating a deficiency. The review indicated that the average oral habit routine of many Americans is lacking. The study concluded that only 70 percent Americans surveyed brush their teeth for the two minutes twice daily as suggested by the American Dental Association.

The Delta Dental Oral Health and Well-Being Survey suggest an immediate and strong need for concern. The Study also revealed:

  • African-Americans spend 18 seconds longer brushing their teeth.
  • Adults under the age of 25 years brush their teeth for 16 seconds longer.
  • 60 percent brush their teeth once in the morning and once at night.
  • 38 percent brush their teeth after breakfast.
  • 17 percent brush their teeth after their lunchtime meal.
  • 21 percent brush their teeth after their evening meal.
  • 23 percent have skipped brushing their teeth for more than one day in the past year.
  • 37 percent of adults under the age of 25 have skipped a year or more brushing their teeth.
  • Only 40 percent floss their teeth regularly and 20 percent do not floss at all.
  • Individuals who floss generally report an overall higher quality of oral health.

Oral Health Division in America

A recent online survey commissioned by Oral Health America (OHA) was conducted among 2,088 American adults.
The results revealed two distinct groups, based on income.

Americans who earn under $50,000 per year were found to be significantly more likely to skip dental checkups, while those in the higher income range tended to make oral health a priority.

The survey also revealed that 92 percent of all Americans reported brushing their teeth daily. Those with lower-incomes are more likely to skip routine dental hygiene self care, eat less healthy food, smoke, and skip flossing, as well as dental appointments.

The Fall for Smiles Campaign, launched by OHA, will work to close the gap between lower and higher income Americans through dental hygiene education seminars. Fall for Smiles will help showcase the importance of regular flossing and oral hygiene visits, as well as avoiding smoking and other harmful habits.

CEO Beth Truett is hopeful the campaign will truly make a difference for many citizens. “All Americans… deserve to have a healthy mouth,” she stated.

Hoping to further bring notice to the existence of this American dichotomy, OHA and The Dental Trade Alliance staged an oral health awareness event on Capitol Hill.

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