This easy-to-fabricate appliance is recommended to prevent dislodging of existing cosmetic restorations in individuals who exhibit signs of bruxism (grinding) or clenching. Extensive grinding of the teeth also leads to premature wear and tear of the enamel and may result in severe jaw pain. Mouthguards may also be recommended for people who play contact sports and are at higher risk of mouth trauma. Studies have also suggested they can improve performance by addressing breathing issues, which inhibit the efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Various versions of mouthguards are presently available requiring only a reasonable investment. The appliance is removable, and can be worn on an as-needed basis such as during sleep or while engaging in sports. It is designed to protect the teeth, as well as surrounding soft tissue, and has been proven to significantly reduce the chance of fractures, permanent dislocation, and other injury to the jaw.

The procedure is non-invasive and simply consists of taking an impression of the patient’s mouth. Stone models are then created and used as a guide to fabricate the mouthguard using appropriate plastic or acrylic materials.

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