Multiple missing teeth can be effectively replaced with removable prosthetics such as partial dentures. The appliance is fabricated from metal and acrylic components for sturdiness, aesthetics and proper function. For aesthetic reasons, typically when considering the anterior (front) region of the mouth, all-acrylic partials are offered.

Full dentures are offered for patients who are missing their entire dentition. The color and shape of the teeth closely mimics the patient’s natural appearance, and is chosen according to skin shading, facial features and patient preference.

To prolong longevity of the device, patients are instructed on proper oral home care. Typically, some adjustments may be needed to ensure the patient’s comfort. Patients receiving dentures are prepared to expect a period of adjustment to the new sensation of eating and speaking with dentures, as well as correct daily maintenance.

Most people tolerate the treatment well and become accustomed to denture wear within a few days. In rare instances, the patient may not be able to bear the new appliance and may experience a gag reflex. In that case, other avenues of treatment are considered and offered, which may include altered removable devices, such as no-pallet dentures. Crowns and bridges are also presented as an option to patients who still retain at least some of their dentition and exhibit signs of good oral health.

North Ottawa Dental Services provides dentures to the following communities: Coopersville, Allendale, and Hudsonville, MI.