Cosmetic Dentistry

Having and keeping a beautiful and bright smile is an important goal of most of our patients. Enhanced oral aesthetics create a feeling of confidence and self-worth.

The field of Cosmetic Dentistry has only been around since the late 1970s, and offers people the means to improve, restore and replace missing or impaired dentition with a goal of (re)establishing both the proper function and appearance of the teeth.

Our patients love that we employ leading edge dental technology and materials, allowing us to easily and cost-effectively deliver the results they demand.

Cosmetic Treatment begins with a full review of your health history, as well as your goals, to help determine those options that are safest and most appropriate for you.

Patients who hesitate to smile because of concerns about their appearance are encouraged to make a reservation with our office to meet with Dr. Roberts, who will listen and respond to your concerns with a plan crafted especially for you. Your treatment plan is created to exceed your expectations of quality and value.

Many aesthetic issues and concerns can be quickly addressed and corrected with simple composite (tooth-colored) fillings using resilient materials that last for years. More significant issues such as fractures and post-trauma damage may be successfully repaired with crowns, bridges and dental prostheses such as implants and partials.

Issues with mild to severe staining of visible tooth surfaces can be resolved by placement of dental veneers. Minor spotting can be removed with tooth-whitening procedures, and tooth alignment issues can be addressed with orthodontic therapy combined with proper home care and regular monitoring by the dentist.

To learn more about available options and choices that can be tailored to you and your goals, call us today to make a reservation to visit our office. It will be our pleasure to present you with a variety of choices to create the smile you’ve always desired.

Contact our practice today and schedule your smile makeover!