Complete Health Dentistry

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Dear Valued Patient,

Whether you are taking the very first step toward oral health or you are far along in the journey, I am committed to supporting your decision to obtain a completely healthy mouth.

Many of you know me as a Complete Health Dentist and know you are part of a Complete Health Dental practice. Some of you might be unclear as to exactly what this means. Please allow me this opportunity to explain what Complete Health Dentistry is, how it differs from traditional dentistry, and how this philosophy of practice benefits you as a patient.

Let’s first talk about traditional dentistry. Traditional dentistry lacks the focus on preventing the impact that oral disease has on your overall body. It focuses on treating the mouth as though it were somehow separate from the body. When dentists think in these terms, their perspective changes as to what is or is not a problem worthy of their attention. This is unfortunate because ignoring disease in your mouth can have a direct and significant impact on your overall health.

At this point, you may be wondering why a dentist would adopt such a mindset. Speaking from the perspective of a dentist, I will share that, when one hears words expressing the sentiment that “I hate the dentist,” it is perhaps understandable why some will, subconsciously, shift their focus from protecting their patient’s health to focusing on making their patients happy, and avoiding frank discussions that are intended to help the patient achieve and maintain optimal health.

One way in which such a dentist tries to make the patient happy is by waiting for small, easily preventable issues to develop into bigger problems that the patient can no longer ignore. The problem is now either so big the patient cannot help but notice it, or is causing such pain that all they want is to have it stopped. The thinking goes that the patient cannot now be mad at the dentist because “it’s not the dentist’s fault.” Actually, it is.

Such ‘benign neglect’ whereby signs of future trouble are ignored until they manifest into full blown symptoms (such as pain) is not, in my opinion, consistent with the level of care and respect patients deserve.

It is an ironic tragedy that easily treated issues are allowed to develop into advanced stages of disease when the result is an adverse impact on the patient’s overall health, all done in the name of making the patient happy.

My Complete Health Dental office is focused on your oral health, your overall health, and the many ways in which the two are linked. I define a problem in your mouth as any infection, inflammation, pain or dysfunction that has a potential consequence for your overall (also called systemic) health. My team and I will educate you about the current state of your oral health, ensuring your complete understanding of

those conditions before discussing treatment. We will then empower you to choose the dental treatment that is consistent with helping you achieve optimal health and wellness in a manner that works best for you.

I use the latest evidence based scientific research* to inform everything I do, and am happy to share this information with you. Some topics I feel are relevant include:

  • Harmful bacteria found in diseased areas of the mouth can travel through the bloodstream and can be found in other areas of your body such as the brain, heart valves, joints and other vital organs.
  • A pregnant woman with gum disease has a significantly increased risk of preeclampsia, a low birth- weight baby, or pre-term delivery.
  • Insurance companies have found that their patients who have had their gum disease treated have also had fewer health complications and incurred lower expenses for such systemic conditions as coronary artery disease, diabetes and stroke. Half of the adult population in the United States has gum disease right now.

Here is my personal commitment to you.

  • I will get to know you as a person
  • I will know your concerns, your preferences, as well as any fear or anxiety associated with dental care.
  • I believe that “seeing the dentist” can be a great experience and I will work to create this great experience each time you visit us.
  • I will not be rushed in delivering your care.
  • I will use only those resources, techniques and technology that are appropriate, ever mindful to minimize any discomfort surrounding your care.
  • If you have dental anxiety I will never judge you, I will support you in lessening your anxiety over time and we will work together to find any techniques necessary to get you the care you need.
  • I will work with you to create a healthy smile you will be proud to share and that supports overall health for a lifetime.

My team and I will work with you regarding your time and finances to fit your treatment into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

My passion is getting people healthy, and protecting their health for a lifetime. I bring this commitment to every patient I see.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be your doctor. Respectfully,
Dr. Daniel Roberts

*Bacteria from the mouth found in other areas of the body:

Lowered costs of systemic disease:

Gum disease linked to pregnancy complications:

Half of the adult population in the US has gum disease: